Our Purpose

Our purpose is to give back to our heroes in a unique and creative way.

In 2012 our founder, Craig Gilbreath, received word from his brother that his U.S. Army unit would be on a year long deployment. While his brother was away, Craig developed the idea of HB4H as a way to show appreciation for the service of his brothers deployment. Craig reached out to members of his homebrew club (The Cap and Hare) and the idea was met with opened arms and wallets. 960 bottles of home brew were donated for the first HB4H airdrop-enough to give each member of the unit a 12 pack of homebrewed goodness.


With the first airdrop under our belts we took a step back and evaluated how we could improve the process.

We have become an official non profit organization (501(c)(3)) and have refined our model to bring HB4H to the masses. You can nominate a group of heroes from anywhere in the US for donation on our site. These heroes can be Army, Navy, Air-force, Marine, Coast Guard, Police, Fire or EMT. While our original scope was for military personnel, we completely understand and appreciate there are others who fall into the Hero classification and deserve to be honored. Once a group is nominated, a campaign page will be created allowing people to donate homebrew or fund to purchase ingredients/supplies for that particular campaign.